Pecan Nut Extra Bag 500gr




Pecan nuts are traditionally consumed alone, in sweets, desserts, and salads. Likewise, they have joined haute cuisine as an accompaniment to elaborate dishes and side dishes. Its outer appearance differs quite from the common nut, due to a much longer shape and a smooth shell. Its flavor is exquisite, more intense, with a sweet touch that makes it unmistakable.


It was one of the great eating discoveries Columbus brought to Spain from the Americas. However, the planting of the pecan tree in Spain until recent times was not beyond being used as an ornamental tree.

Our producers have been able to adapt the technical knowledge of this crop to the unique climatology of Andalusia. Urquijo Pecans are available in 500-gram jute sacks. Pecan nuts are high in antioxidants and healthy fatty acids. It also contains vitamin E of great importance, for example, in the prevention of coronary heart disease.


One of its great qualities is that it has a great antioxidant activity, being one of the best natural foods in the world in this matter.

First, it contains vitamin E, important in the prevention of coronary heart disease.

Second, pecan nuts are rich in Omega 9. Above all highly recommended to prevent cardiovascular diseases such as hypertension.

Pecan nuts are also rich in elagic acid, a great antioxidant that helps prevent various carcinogenic properties from proliferating, in addition to significant amounts of beta-carotene, lutein and zeaxanthin that also help the body to get rid free radicals, preventing various types of diseases.

A single serving of five pecansprovides the consumer with 48 of the daily value of Thiamine. It is a very important vitamin that helps cells convert carbohydrates into energy and stimulates heart function. In conclusion, it also acts as a dietary supplement that helps consume carbohydrates and prevent us from accumulating them in the form of fat by controlling our weight.

All these qualities make pecans a superfood that offers a unique combination of attributes to the diet that differentiates them from any other food and indispensable ingredient of any healthy and balanced diet.



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