Extra Virgin Premium Oil 500 ML




Virgen Extra Urquijo olive oil is an oil “with character”, fruity but with intense flavor. Unfiltered, with golden-green color and aroma of ripe fruits among which stand out apple and banana.

A Premium flavor with character, so that it is presented to the palate as a pleasure difficult to forget. We recommend taking raw and salads to directly perceive all its flavor. Also as part of stews and dishes cooked to enhance the flavors of our delicious Mediterranean cuisine.

Virgen Extra Urquijo olive oil is produced in Seville. A selection of Manzanilla (90), Hojiblanca (5) and Picual (5) olives collected by hand at the start of the campaign. It is extracted by cold grinding and natural pressing without centrifuging in the mill on the same day that the olives are collected, which allows to obtain an Extra Virgin olive oil of the highest quality color, smell, and Premium flavor.

What is AOVE ?

Olive oil is an organic compound that accumulates in the tissues of fruits called olives produced by olive trees. Evergreen trees of the Oleaceae family, which are extracted from them by pressure. It has been used millennially by the human being both for culinary uses and for various uses.

When we refer to gastronomic uses, the dishes improve when using AOVE. It is evident to any palate, accompanies practically any dish, sweet or salty, cold or hot, hence its resounding success.

For a virgin olive oil to be considered extra it must meet two conditions: One of chemical character, summed up in the percentage of acidity, which must be less than 0.8o and another of organoleptic character, that is, of flavor and aroma that is checked by official tasting , since there is no laboratory instrument yet that improves the nose and palate of professional tasters.


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